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Hi, I’m Sara Brown. I’m a former corporate Yes Girl turned multiple 7-figure businesswoman, and I teach female entrepreneurs like you the secrets to creating an ultra-effective referral program that maximizes your revenue—and your raving fans!

Ever wish you could clone your favorite customers or clients? Throw them in a copier and multiply them (and their payments) a hundred, or a thousand times? I mean, how much easier would business be, right?

I’m very happy to announce that, in a way, you can. 

A referral program crafted in just the right way automatically brings in more dream clients, amps up your revenue, and makes your best clients love you even more.

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Free! Learn 10 Easy Ways to Get More Referrals and Make Your Revenue Soar

If you’re ready to see a big impact on your business—and fast!—then I’ve got the free resource for you. I’ve put together a free tip sheet to teach you the easiest (and most important) elements to create a referral program that gets new clients practically beating down your door.

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I’m Told My Business Success Isn’t “Usual”…Um, What??

Don’t get me wrong, I’m proud (and thrilled!) that I was able to take my business from $0 to $1 million in revenue in less than a year. But when people tell me that that’s not the norm, I want to shake them and say, “But why NOT???” Because there’s nothing special or magical about me; I just found the right tactics and used them on repeat. And guess what? You absolutely can, too.

Giving Away My Best Stuff on Stage

What can I say? When companies and organizations book me to speak, I don’t hold back. Audiences get the inside track on what it takes to scale business up to multiple seven figures and the tools, systems, and secrets you need to have in place to get there.

If you’re looking for real-deal business insight with a lotta love and support, but with low tolerance for B.S….then I’m your girl.

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Let’s face it: You can’t just stumble from $0 to $1 million in revenue in under a year. (Especially not if you want that $1 million to come from your ideal customers and raving fans.) You need the special insight, the exact systems, and the proven technique to get you there.

Which is exactly what’s on the way!

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