Hey There,
I’m Sara,
and I am Not a Unicorn

Look, I’m not special. I mean—I AM special in that wonderful way that we all are. But I’m not a dynamo or a guru or some kind of mythical creature. 

I’m someone who started a business, found the techniques that work, and then went all in on them.
And that took my business from $0 to $1 million in revenue in under a year.

But let me back up a sec. 

Hit the rewind button (am I dating myself? I miss VCRs!) way back to me in my corporate J.O.B. I was hustling hard and climbing up the corporate ladder in the male-dominated oil and gas industry. They needed someone for a special assignment? My hand went up. They needed someone to work on the weekends or holidays? I was their go-to girl. They needed someone to pick up the slack? Any slack? All slack? Yes, yes, and yes!

And it was paying off. Well, it was paying off in the office. I climbed that ladder…and the top of my head hit that glass ceiling so hard it made my head spin. On top of that, I kind of neglected, well, my life.

I missed my baby’s first word, first step, first most things. My health was doing this inconvenient “shutting down” thing. And my marriage? Well, can you even really call it a marriage in that step right before divorce?

Something had to change. Spoiler alert: It was my job. Soooo I quit, started my own business, and everything was rainbows and roses!

Or not.

Turns out this whole “owning your own business” wasn’t quite as easy as I thought it was going to be. I didn’t know what I was doing when I first started and things were going south fast. I’d taken all of my other problems and then basically added ‘$0 income’ on top of them.

But I knew going back to corporate was not an option for me. I knew I had to take action even if that meant doing the wrong things so I could figure out what the right things were. So I hit the ground running. I got out there and I explored every and all possible ways to grow my business and turn a profit. I tested, I tossed what didn’t work, and I doubled down on what did.

And the end result of that, I’m happy to say, is that I took my business from $0 to $1 million in revenue in 12 months, and I hit the multi-million-dollar mark in just 18 months.

“Yeah but Sara, I’m in a different industry! I’ve tried ‘everything!’ I worry I’m just not be cut out for it!”

Oh sister, let’s revisit my first point: I’m not a unicorn, I’m not special, I’m not even lucky. I was just willing to take action and risk doing all the things wrong before I found the right systems and put them to work for me. And you can absolutely do the same.

There’s no reason you can’t see the business success of your dreams and tack onto that the family and marriage (still going strong!) and lifestyle of your dreams, too.

You just need the right systems. And me? I’d like to teach them to you. 🙂